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Well it has been a few days since I posted about my Commissary Drama. As I said before I felt like the out of place housewife who missed her lawyer calling. Well I have an absolutely awesome verdict. I emailed and they provided me with the inside scoop. So of course I am serving it up to you! As I was saying last week there were so many inconsistencies being cited by my local Commissary about which coupons they would take and which ones they wouldn't. On top of that sometimes the clerk aka coupon hater would take a coupon one week and two weeks later look at me like I am  a crazy "Desperate Housewife", scamming the Commissary and deny my coupon outright. I am not the type of person to hold up a line on payday weekend but it is really aggravating when I know that my coupon is legitimate and I being told something different. So to settle my case the Commissary has graciously provided me with what is acceptable and what is not.  So here is the update that I received in all of its glorious script. I have cut and pasted from my return email but you have it straight from customer service at DeCA. YAHOO!!

From: Eldridge, Danna S CIV (USA) DeCA HQ DO

Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 2:30 PM


Cc: Rogers, Courtney CIV (USA) DeCA HQ OC; Villeneuve, Steven P CIV (USA)

DeCA East Langley AFB

Subject: FW: Your Action Line 10E04685 - Suspense 2010-05-27 00:00:00.06

Thank you for accessing the Defense Commissary Agency's web site with your

concerns. I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced at the

In general, in accordance with DeCA Directive (DeCAD) 40-6, all commissaries

will accept manufacturer coupons (which you obtain through newspaper

inserts, from tear pads at the shelf, from magazines, etc.) and

print-at-home Internet coupons, as long as they meet the following

A. They must state coupon.

B. They must contain a message to the retailer specifying the terms and

conditions for accepting the coupons.

C. They must have a redemption address.

D. They must state the purchase requirements, e.g., "Coupon good on any

size purchase of. . .," or "Coupon good on the purchase of two cans of. ..,"


E. They must have a specially stated face value, e.g., "50 cents" or an "up

to" or "no more than" value, etc.

F. They are not expired.

G. Internet coupons cannot be accepted for free products, however, "Buy One

Get One Free" coupons can be accepted if they meet all the requirements


H. Internet coupons must contain a typical barcode. The coupon has to have

a barcode as the cashiers are required to scan all Internet coupons. In

addition, the coupon must have EITHER a PIN (the numbers under the bar code)

OR a Dot Scan Barcode located under the expiration date. If the Internet

coupon has a barcode with the PIN, then it does not have to also have the

Dot Scan Barcode.

We also do not accept photocopies of any coupons. If they are printed off

the Internet, they must be an original print in either color or black and


We frequently send notices of known counterfeit coupons to the commissaries;

the commissaries are not allowed to accept any of these coupons, regardless

of where they came from. If you question the commissary's refusal to accept

a coupon based on it being counterfeit, they should be able to show you the notice.

Coupons with a business name or logo on them are typically "store" coupons

redeemable only at the business specified. Each coupon must be individually

evaluated; however, if the coupon does state it is a "manufacturer coupon"

and does not have any other redemption language limiting use solely to the

business advertised, the commissary can accept it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this issue. I encourage

you to continue taking advantage of your commissary benefit and the 30

percent plus overall savings.


Danna S. Eldridge

Customer Service Division/DOC

Performance & Policy

Phone: 804-734-8000 Ext. 48772

DSN: 687-8000 Ext. 48772

Fax: 804-734-8009 Ext. 78772

So there it is ! My best advice is print this post and keep it on hand. This will definitely eliminate any problems and make your overall coupon shopping trip much smoother!!

$Serving up the Savings$!

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