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Friday, May 28, 2010 •

So I wanted to take a moment to let you know about a great new program for our active duty soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Currently active duty military are eligible for Lasik surgery. While I think this is fantastic, you really need to jump through the hoops to get the initial approval, then of course your commanding officer's recommendation and finally the seat on the waiting list. UGGHHHH ! But in reality it isn't that bad. I mean hey you get a $4,000 procedure for free. We are running in and out of this three ringed circus right now so that my own husband can have the procedure that he has wanted for so long but due to a variety of reasons put off. I must say that one of the major reasons is that at one time the military really discouraged the PRK or Lasik procedure and could disqualify you for your specific job and many others. But as time has changed and what I call the NEW MILITARY has emerged, the focus has been put back in its rightful place and our hero's are given what they deserve.

I have read the pros and cons of this procedure and while there are many risks; the rewards really seem to outweigh the risks. LASIK is the acronym for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, which means to use a laser to reshape the cornea -- the clear covering in the front of the eye -- without invading adjacent cell layers. The surgeon cuts a flap in the cornea, leaving a hinge at one end. The flap is pulled back out of the way, and the surgeon then uses a laser to reshape the newly exposed corneal tissue. After the surgery, which takes about one minute, the flap is put back and left to heal.

Well after much controversy and military protocol active duty military has been granted the go ahead but you must follow the rules step by step.

First you must call your local appointment center or go to your MTF to establish an optometry appointment. At that regular eye appointment you must discuss with your eye doctor if your are a good candidate and what their recommendation will be. Next if you do receive your referral and confirmation your packet will find itself on your commanding officers desk waiting his or her approval and recommendation. Again if your CO does approve this procedure and gives you their thumbs up you then go to a waiting list. Please keep in mind that their is a budget each year for this specific surgery and that once the quota has been filled you may have to wait until the next fiscal year. Also on this waiting list you are categorized based on your need and specific rate in your area of expertise.

All in all this is a truly a great program though you must jump through the hoops to get the approval. While we are still jumping through the hoops I am confident that we aren't still running through the three ringed circus but finally coming through the hoop of fire and should hear his date for surgery!

To find out if you qualify follow the link here.

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