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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 •

The nature of the our nomadic military lives often leaves military families with out a sitter and in desperate need of a date night, or special occasions arise and you can’t really drag your 2 yr old to the enlisted Ball, can you? When you’re in a new place and there’s no one around to help out, check out Sittercity.

Sittercity  is the nation’s largest and most trusted website for finding quality local babysitters, nannies, elder care providers, dog walkers, housekeepers and tutors. Military families can activate their paid Sittercity membership today by going to

Sittercity offers membership to military at no cost. What they do is help you locate a sitter for an emergency, night out, or even extended childcare. This service is a lifesaver especially when you have PCS'd to a new duty station. I wish that this was available when I needed it. How much easier it would have been and the stress that it could have relieved. So if you have just relocated definitely go ahead and register here to give you a little edge and a piece of mind.

***This membership is available to all military families (Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force; active duty, reserve and guard).

***Paid military family memberships available per DoD funding availability.

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