Dora's Big Birthday Adventure at Walmart

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 •

If you have a little kiddos and they love Dora the Explorer then you will definitely want to head on over to Walmart on August 14, 2010. Walmart will be celebrating Dora's Birthday with all of Dora's friends and your little ones! So definitely head over to Walmart on August 14 to celebrate Dora's birthday with free cupcakes and photo cards. Visit to find an event near you.

....Just a side note: I have been laughing while posting this entry. My kiddo used to love Dora...she was infatuated! Now that she has grown up a little we will intentionally mention Dora and she turns bright red and becomes so very upset. Her love affair with Dora, has turned into a very intent dislike. Either way sometimes, just for fun, I like to bring up Dora and sing the theme song just for giggles....or when she misbehaves, it sheds a new light on the situation:)

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