Military Discounts at Restaurants

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 •

Well I am attempting this posting very delicately. Many restaurants support our troops, and as my kiddo says s "Woot"!! (I have no idea, but she only says it when she's excitied.) Anyway I say delicately because I, for one ,really don't like to come right out and ask, "Hey do you offer a military discount?" i am not really sure why that is, but I just don't. But I will gladly call up a local or corporate office of a restaruant in a heartbeat and ask so that I can pass it on. I think that restraurants that take the time to consider our military and offer a discount are super-fantastic. I mean I know how hard it is to live on a budget that is so squeaky tight, well trust me you don't want to know, and many others in the military have been in that  same finiacial conondrum. Hence it is always nice to be able to go out to dinner and when they offer discounts to the Armed Services I again will say "Woot"!..... I am really starting to like that word. Anyway so what I am doing and will continue to do is each week pass on to you specific restaruatns that offer a military discount to both the service member and their family. Oh and if you have any that you know about please leave a comment and I will spotlight them:)

Jersey Mike's - Subs - 10%

Texas RoadHouse - 10%

AppleBee's - 10% - But be sure to ask in advance because this discount is only offered at select locations!

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Anonymous said...

found this on Texas Steak house website:
At Texas Steakhouse, we're proud supporters of the brave men and women who risk their lives defending our nation and our freedom.

To that end, we contribute one dollar of every Texas Steakhouse t-shirt or Grandma's Shortcake purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project, a program that provides help and support to severely injured service men and women.

In addition, every member of the armed services - active duty or retired - is entitled to an automatic 10% discount at Texas Steakhouse with military identification.