Coleson's Seafood Honors Military through Commissary Promotions

Friday, September 10, 2010 •

As I was doing some research for this week's Commissary sales, I stumbled upon ColesonFoods, Inc. They are a seafood and frozen fish supplier for the Commissary. I wanted to note and recognize this company, because they offer special promotions and coupons specifically for Commissary shoppers.

What is so cool about this specific company, is that they will provide a list of their products that they are offering a promotion on and let you know which department in the commissary that the promotion is being offered, as well as the coupon amount that should located within range of that product. How awesome is that!! Each month Coleson will offer specific seafood promotions to the Commissary shoppers, which includes sale price and on top of that a coupon.

Below I have listed September's Specials and Promotions directly from Coleson's website. You can also view more information about Coleson products if you follow the link HERE. Thank you again Coleson Foods, for honoring the military and providing high quality seafood products to the Commissary shoppers.


$3/Off Regular Price

$2.50/ Off Regular Price

$1.20/ Off Regular Price

$2.20/ Off Regular Price

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