Free Ever-White Dry Erase Board

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 •

Alright, so this is definitely a really cool freebie. If you follow the link HERE you can request a mini-dry erase board from Ever White. Ever White is offering this free dry -erase board to see if you can see the difference in durability, performance, and wipe-away conditions. They will guarantee that their board won't ghost or stain, erase permanent marker mix-ups, and wide product avaialbity for the dry-erase board that suites your specific needs! Hurry this freebie won't last long!  They state that your board will arrive with-in one week!

Note: I think I will need this freebie to write down the last time I lost my mind and where exactly I left it at, or just so I can put the overflow from my Treo on!

Also Ever White is offering up another freebie to all architects. After registering for your free dry-erase board follow the link on the lower right hand corner or click HERE. They are offering a free sample architect notebook. You can also request this freebie if you are a contractor or now a contractor working in new educational facilities!

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