Where have I been? Looking for my mind...... Have you seen it?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 •

As you can see I have been checking lost and found counters for my mind....it seems to have gotten lost...,

I am very ashamed to say that I have been desperately seeking my mind. It somehow got lost between school starting, college papers due, hubby returning from underway, dog-sitting, shopping, coupon clipping, blogging, sports schedules, travel sports schedule,blogger being down, email server inactive and a dead cell phone. So I am still looking for bits and pieces of my sanity, but I found my actual mind somewhere in between my extra-curricular activities. I apologize for not blogging  and  keeping you current  on all the deals available. So for the next three days I will be bombarding my readers to catch you up, so remember to scroll down and look at older posts to get up to date!

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