$1 Burger King, McDonalds's, and Wendy's Halloween Gift Certificates

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 •

If you want to scoop up some inexpensive coupons and gift certificates to get you and your kiddos through the holiday season, check out what some of our most favorite food chains are offering!

Burger King Halloween Coupons Book are $1 and include the following coupons:
(7) FREE Value Size Fries

(1) FREE Small Soft Drink or ICEE

Coupons are valid 10/1/10 – 12/31/10!

There is no age restrictions on the coupons, but they do limit one coupon per customer, per visit! Go HERE to see if your local Burger King is participating in this program!

McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Book

You pay $1 and you get a coupon book that includes 12 FREEBIE Coupons!

You get the following coupons:

(3) FREE Apple Dippers

(3) FREE Small Cone

(3) FREE Small Apple Juice or Milk Jug

(3) FREE Hamburger

Coupons are valid for use 11/1/10 – 12/31/10!! Redeemable by children 12 and under. Go HERE to locate participating McDonald's with these certificates!

Wendy’s $1 Halloween coupon booklet:

You pay $1 for the coupon book, but there are 10 FREE Jr Frosty Coupons inside!!
The coupons all state no purchase necessary to redeem, one coupon per person per visit!
PLEASE NOTE: The coupons are valid 11/1/10 – 2/1/11. Go HERE to locate a participating Wendy's.

All of these very inexpensive coupons will make perfect gifts or quick and easy on the go snacks!!