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Friday, October 22, 2010 •

How cool is this ....You can currently register HERE to be eligible to be a mystery shopper with AAFES Mystery Shopper Program. This program is so exciting! I mean how ofter do we get to shop our military exchanges, and offer valuable feedback on the products and services that they offer! As of right now this program is only available in The Exchange (Army and Air Force). But that is okay, if you are stationed in another branch, but do utilize the Exchange over your exchange services, you are still eligible to sign up!

After you follow the link HERE, you will be prompted to sign into the All Exchange catalog online. This is the same place that you make your Star Card Payments. If you have never registered here, you will be prompted to register first with your information. This is the information that is on your military id card, so be prepared....this is of course a secure government site. After you have registered and created login information, you will then be taken to the AAFES Mystery Shopper Program. You will then register again, but only for this program.

As compensation for your time and survey completion, you will receive a $30 gift certificate, and a night at the movies for free (two theater passes with two large bags of popcorn and two medium drinks). If you military installation doesn't have a movie theatre, you will only receive the $30 gift certificate as compensation.

I was really surprised when I signed up for this program. The link and site stated that only 28 individuals had visited and signed up.....how crazy is that. So go ahead and try to score a little something extra while doing a good service for all of your other exchange patrons.

Thanks, MilitaryWivesSaving!

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