Facebook Sample....Free Fortune Cookie Sample

Friday, October 29, 2010 •

The best part about Chinese food is the sometimes stale fortune cookies, that you will normally get at the end of a meal. I mean who doesn't automatically grab for the cookie when your server presents the check. Because we all know that we aren't grabbing for the check...lol! Well today on Facebook, Fancy Fortune Cookies will be giving away free samples of fortune cookies. And if they hit 10,000 fans...hint..hint...help them out, then they will be giving away free samples of their chocolate covered fortune cookies. Okay let's push them over because I want chocolate.......Please:) Either way head on over hear to the-------> Fancy Fortune Facebook page, "Like" them, and request your fortune cookie today!!

Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

UPDATE......Check this out from the Fancy Fortune Facebook Page.....
Holy COW!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! We reached 11,000!!!!!!! Way to go everyone! Okay tomorrow details will be posted on free sample packs with CHOCOLATE covered fortune cookies!

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