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Friday, October 29, 2010 •

Let me tell you about my Psst....  Psst is a program through General Mills which provides opportunities for coupons, samples, input on products and in my lucky case a "My Get Together"!! Through Psst you are able to connect and provide your input on everyday products that we all use and love. The other awesome side of Psst is "My Get Together". "My Get Together" allows Psst members to be able to host parties to sample some of these absolute favorite products! Through email, members are contacted to take short surveys to see if they are a good match for a "My Get Together". Psst provides everything you will need from the hostess pack down to the invitations!!

Well I was invited to take one of these surveys and OMG guess what.....I was fortunate enough for Psst to allow me to have a "My Get Together". One unassuming day, I received an interesting package in the mail. When I looked at the mailing label I was sooooo exciting. Obviously something awesome had come from Psst for me and guess what it was ........--------->>>>>>>

I was chosen to host a Psst "My Get Together"!! Included in my host party pack were three bags of Chex Mix in Turtle, Original and Sweet and Salty, a really awesome Chex Mix serving bowl, football plates, football napkins, and a bunch of high dollar coupons to share with my guests. I was so honestly impressed with the host package, because it had one of my favorite snacks Chex Mix and high dollar coupons to share...how can you go wrong  and of course football paper products.....one of my favorite sports!!

This host package was such a surprise!! I was thrilled with everything and it is the perfect excuse to kick back with an awesome snack and some Sunday afternoon football. Needless to say the hubby was really happy too, about the products and how really awesome the "My Get Together" program is. There was enough Chex Mix in my pack to accomadate snacks for at least ten people. On top of that I was able to supplement my guest with money savings coupons. Football, favorite complimentary snacks, and coupons.....how can you go wrong?

The three flavors of Chex snack mix were also a treat. I must admit that the original is my favorite and a perfect snack to travel with, but this was the first time I had  had the opportunity to sample the Turtle Chocolate and Sweet and Salty Honey Nut. First things first, all of the products offer a reduction in fat unlike typical game day food......we all know what that is:) This is an awesome perk to Chex Mix products; reduced fat. The Chocolate Turtle was the perfect mix of one of my favorites Chocolate and of course Chex Snack Mix. With its chocolate pretzels, crispy chex squares, salty peanuts and chocolate covered candies it was the  perfect balance of snack mix and chocolate craving! The Sweet and Salty Honey Nut had just as much sweet appeal with a kick of salt. Of course I love a drip of honey, but the healthy balance of sweet and salt was perfection. With only 35 calories of fat from a 1/2 cup serving how can you lose with the Sweet and Salty Honey Nut Chex Mix!!!

There is one other perk about the Chex Mix bag....Box Tops for Education coupons. Not only are you munching on a healthy snack, but when you finish the bag, be sure and clip your box tops for your kiddos school. This product is a win-win-win.....healthy snack, perfect game day munchy, and supports your child's school......Psst....Thanks again General Mills!!

So if you haven't heard enough about "My Awesome Get Together", then maybe you need to head on over HERE to register for your own Psst....account! You will be able to celebrate your favorites with friends and family and try something new, just like I did.

Once you get over HERE to Psst, the registration is easy and your profile is even easier!

So hey Psst...pass the word along about Psst and participate with your General Mills. They not only offer awesome  products that we all trust, know and love, but they are offering you the opportunity to Psst...pass it on and try it out for yourself!!

Oh and one more thing.....Head on over HERE to the Chex Mix Facebook Page to enter in The Ultimate Chex Mix Game Day Sweeps!  You will have a chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes to make your place the ultimate Game Day spot!!!....I'm thinking a Super Bowl Party....lol:) Don't forget to visit the Game Day Sweeps tab on the Chex Mix Facebook page to enter!

Stay tuned for "My Get Together Pics" ....Coming Soon!!!!!!......

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