Libman Freedom Mop ....$5 Rebate

Monday, October 25, 2010 •

Okay. so I have the Swiffer Wet-Jet and I really do love it. The house smells great after I use it, the cleaning solution really does a great job, and it is kid friendly! I mean that my kiddos can use it with no mess and they can't get hurt themselves with the solution. The problem that I have with the Swiffer is the cost. I mean really, it is rather expensive to maintain the Swiffer. Between the replacement pads, batteries and solution mixture, it averages out to be around $12 a month to have my Swiffer. At a whopping $144 a year to use my Swiffer that is a bit much. Even buying the products on sale, really doesn't seem to warrant the cost for a "mop".

With that being said, I still do love the Swiffer. But the new Libman Mop has hit the market. Not only can you choose your own solution, but the mop is washable. How cool is that. I no longer need to purchase cleaning solutions, I can create my own. As far as the mop head, I can wash it!!! I don't really mind laundry and because I can wash it, this makes it alot "greener" than the traditional Swiffer pads.

If you want to try out a Libman you can go to any Walmart, Kmart, and Target! Right now at Walmart you can score a new Libman mop for $14.99. What makes this price even sweeter is the $5 rebate you can score HERE

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