2011 NDAA....Be advised!

Thursday, November 18, 2010 •

While I normally post about deals, coupons and military discounts; I wanted to talk about the 2011 NDAA . If you are unfamiliar with the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act, get ready because I am sure you will be! As a military member, whether you are active duty, reservist, retired, veteran or a military spouse, the 2011 NDAA may very well keep you awake at night! Head on over HERE to read about the current agendas!

The 2011 NDAA is a frightening example of bills on the table that could change the safety of our nation,  create another spiral down-turn of the economy and tighten the military family budget even more. Right now there are some life altering bills on the table such as cutting troops, cutting pay...yes this affects us all...they are discussing cutting SDAP, tax-free zone, FSL, and special pays for specialized training, as well as Senator Burris' agenda of allowing taxpayer funding for abortion facilities at all 423 military treatment facilities. UGHHHH! ....(This is the nicest way to express my emotions on this topic!)

While my focused concerns lay within the pay cuts and troop cuts, the 2011 NDAA is a hot topic. Can you believe that the senate is pushing for a 1.9% pay raise and the president and house are pushing for 1.4%!! This pay raise is equivalent to military raises in the early 1970's...I guess the government looked over inflation for the past thrity years! To be honest, if this is how we are rewarding our service members for putting their life on the line, leaving their loved ones for extended periods of time and proffering a deteriorated insurance program, then I am very disgusted at the American government as a whole. How heinous to think that the government and law makers are trying to distort the cohesion of the United States military through taking away certain contractual benefits and putting our country in harms way. Hello....we are technically still at war!!

While the 2011 NDAA is a concern, what concerns me more is the fact that after the recent elections, new lawmaker's will use this budget as a tug-of-war, for supremacy of parties, not an improvement for our service members. The military is always the one that faces cuts and benefit elimination. How sad  that military service member's, veteran's, and retired military seem to be paying for debts and over-budgeting when they are the ones who serve and protect, and never question why......

Yes, I am fired up about the fact that they waited until after elections to pass the 2011 NDAA and military

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