Free O-Momma Sticker....Are you an O-Momma?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 •

Alright so not only is this a cool sticker, they must have been thinking of me when they created it...just kidding, but the website that it is affiliated with is even better!!

Are you an opinionated O-Momma? Well if you are then head on over HERE to score your free sticker and become a valued member of O-Momma. O-Momma is a website for all of us opinionated moms to share, comment and visualize from politics to social movements. So hurry and become the O-Momma member that we already knew you were and make sure you proudly display your O-Momma sticker!

A little note from O-Momma....

--America's most opinionated moms are bringing a little humor and a lot of common sense to the political & social issues of our time. Keep the MOMentum going and follow us.

** Just to let you know I am know an O-Momma...Stay at Home O-Momma:)

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