Halloween Candy Buy Back....What are you doing with all of the extra candy?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 •

Alright, so I know that if you have kiddos, you will have a rather large stash of Halloween goodies laying around. If you have some major excess and want to save your kiddo from additional cavities before the next holiday, then I have the perfect solution!! Halloween Candy Buy Back!! So rather than have it melt in their goody bag, get sucked up in the vacuum, stuck in your carpeting, or better yet an over-indulgent pet chows down, donate it to your local dentist! Not only do they want to buy it back from you for around $1 a pound, but they will be donating it to soldiers deployed over-seas. This is a win win....donate sugar and pass it on!  Whooooo-hooo, what a great way to show them support! You can read all about the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program HERE!

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