Shutterfly is going to Help YOU get ready for the holidays with their Amazing Cards and Stationary!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 •

Have you started working on those dreaded but loved Christmas and holiday cards? Well if you have stop for just a moment because I would like to to tell you about a way that will save you both time and money!! If you are recycling from last year or bought those Xmas cards on clearance after the holidays, save them for next year and let Shutterfly do the work for you.

At Shutterfly you can create your own personalized Xmas and holiday cards for a minimal fee and they will do all of the awesome printing for you!!

Check out this link HERE----->

I love holiday photo cards. They are the perfect way to let everyone know how you and your family are doing as well as showing off your kiddos smiling and oh also growing faces. When I go to the mailbox around the holidays I am so exciting to open those specific cards! It is so nice to see that first of all someone has remembered me on their Xmas card list and the best part is to see that happy holiday glow on every one's face. Shutterfly can give you just that! If you head on over HERE to upload your favorite family photo and prep it for a favorite family memory, Shutterfly will turn that perfect memory into a perfect card keepsake, which you can send to everyone for the holidays.

Shutterfly's creativity doesn't stop there!!  To add to those awesome memory holiday cards, they will also  help you create the perfect, and I mean perfect holiday address labels! Shutterfly's start of the art programs allow you to create a signature holiday address label for all of your envelope needs, including labeling those holiday card envelopes. My personal favorite is pictured below!!--------->

This label is versatile all through the winter. Not only is it perfect for the holidays, but you can save them for next year or use them straight through to spring. So to create your perfect address label head on over to Shutterfly HERE and get started on those labels right away in time for the holidays!

And I want to tell you about one last thing that Shutterfly is offering this year, that makes my holiday planning complete. I am designing my own stationary and party invitations. Through Shutterfly, I can create my invitations, thank you notes, and RSVP's for the holiday season. You can upload personal photos or let your creativity run wild, in Shutterfly's expansive clip-art section to create the perfect holiday stationary. Etiquette and manors is what I always express, so let Shutterfly create your perfect holiday stationary set HERE and make this holiday season a most memorable and thoughtful 2010!

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