Ugghhhh...It's Hump Day and I'm Still Stuck on Monday....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 •

.......I think someone is holding my power hostage:)

Alright, so I need to take this early morning moment....oh....I mean mid-morning moment, to vent! It's Wednesday already and still feels like a Monday. I am beyond being behind. I think that I am slowly sinking into being a slacker, and my normal OCD gene has mutated! Leaving me challenged and what is  that word....discombobulated...:) Do you ever have those days?

Starting off this chilly, dreary Wednesday is what I call "cranky husband" syndrome. Long story short, he was playing online video games with teenagers who were kicking his butt! Of course that means that he is going to keep playing until he wins.....Guess what he didn't win! While this may not be my fault that he didn't win, or that he overslept, I need to parent him like a twelve year old this morning, poking, prodding and chiding him to get moving....NOW!! Obviously he is beyond pi$$y, and probably the best thing I can do is just smile, instead of hollering from the bottom of the steps ..."You need to leave NOW!" We really don't need to talk about his comment:)
Next, I forget to buy bread....who forgets bread!!! My kiddos are looking at me like where is our mom and who are you, because our mom wouldn't forget bread. This means that they have to be tortured with Sysco's frozen fresh finest; but maybe not so fresh, Adam Sandler lunch lady land food. I'm sorry to pick at the lunch lady, but unfortunately, to be honest it could quite possibly be the despised sloppy joe day!

Oh and did I tell you about the kiddos at the bus stop who are all cranky and want to pick piddly arguments with one another....Ugh, not what I wanted to do ...referee early morning elementary politics...anything from lunch to gossip....Now I know where adult politicians learned their current day politics, at the bus stop!
Lets add my current level of procrastination to the mix this morning! I have some eccentric, technical papers that I have due and have absolutely procrastinated on! I have them drafted, but when I look at them, I am like why did I write that again...oh I must have been jittery on coffee, that would explain all the extra letters and fragmented chains of thought. Obviously I was lacking on focus:)

I need to be blogging, paying bills, and finishing those really frazzled papers, but instead I spilled my coffee on my feet, tripped over the dog, and well I am thinking that I need to go back to bed for five more minutes, role over and get up on the other side. I think that the dust bunnies in my house will bless me with a better day! Or hopefully just restore my Super-Woman Status!

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