Brand New Crayola Coupons + Rebate Offer

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 •

If you haven't had a chance, you will definitely want to head on over the the Crayola Facebook page and check out some of the coupons they have just released! To score these coupons just "Like" them and click on the " Holiday Offers" tab! Below are a list of the coupons that they are currently offering. Also,Crayola has a pretty cool rebate offer if you read my post ----> HERE!

$2/1 Crayola Glow Dome (new coupon)

$2/1 Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio (new coupon)

$1/1 Crayola Glow Board

$1/1 Crayola Crayon Maker

$2/1 Crayola Beginnings Color Me a Song

So, if you combine the coupons with a sale ....and I promise I will keep you posted on any that I see....with the rebate, you should be able to score some pretty sweet deals on Crayola activities for the kiddos this holiday season!

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