AMF Bowling Centers ....$1 a game per person up to 10 people...Ughh where was this coupon when I needed it!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010 •

I really wanted to go bowling tonight....but at $24.00 a game for four ...omg that is insane. So of course I was looking for a deal, and finally found one at what almost 11 at night....but it doesn't matter I have succeeded in my quest:)

Here it is ....if you head on over to the AMF site here, you can score a printable coupon that offers a $5.00 discount per person, per game, up to and including 10 people! Wahoo!!!  Simply fill out your email and zip code and the AMF site will provide a printable coupon to present at your nearest AMF location. You can also opt-in to receive additional promotions for AMF Bowling Alley's.

But like I said....where was this coupon when I really wanted's okay I did get Coldstone out of the deal and with coupon in tote:)

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