Comissary Deals for the Brown Bagging It Campaing 12 August 2010 through 25 August 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010 •

Okay so here is the situation with the Commissary deals....I cannot publish, post or specify exact commissary prices on the web, but I can compile a list of current sales items, show you where to find the coupons and give a round about estimate of cost...per commissary guidelines. These are new postings so I am going to be very careful so that I can provide the right information to my readers, but not violate any rules in regards to the Commissary. Please be patient with me as this is a work in progress, but I really hope that everyone will benefit!

One other note that I want to add. I have also included a Commissary Coupon Policy, which I hope will help with alot of the Commissarries becoming much stricter with coupons.

Coupon Policy- Directly from Fort Lee, Virginia

In general, in accordance with DeCA Directive (DeCAD) 40-6, all commissaries

will accept manufacturer coupons (which you obtain through newspaper

inserts, from tear pads at the shelf, from magazines, etc.) and

print-at-home Internet coupons, as long as they meet the following


A. They must state coupon.

B. They must contain a message to the retailer specifying the terms and

conditions for accepting the coupons.

C. They must have a redemption address.

D. They must state the purchase requirements, e.g., "Coupon good on any

size purchase of. . .," or "Coupon good on the purchase of two cans of. ..,"


E. They must have a specially stated face value, e.g., "50 cents" or an "up

to" or "no more than" value, etc.

F. They are not expired.

G. Internet coupons cannot be accepted for free products, however, "Buy One

Get One Free" coupons can be accepted if they meet all the requirements


H. Internet coupons must contain a typical barcode. The coupon has to have

a barcode as the cashiers are required to scan all Internet coupons. In

addition, the coupon must have EITHER a PIN (the numbers under the bar code)

OR a Dot Scan Barcode located under the expiration date. If the Internet

coupon has a barcode with the PIN, then it does not have to also have the

Dot Scan Barcode.

We also do not accept photocopies of any coupons. If they are printed off

the Internet, they must be an original print in either color or black and


We frequently send notices of known counterfeit coupons to the commissaries;

the commissaries are not allowed to accept any of these coupons, regardless

of where they came from. If  you question the commissary's refusal to accept a coupon based on it

beingcounterfeit, they should be able to show you the notice.

Coupons with a business name or logo on them are typically "store" coupons

redeemable only at the business specified. Each coupon must be individually

evaluated; however, if the coupon does state it is a "manufacturer coupon"

and does not have any other redemption language limiting use solely to the

business advertised, the commissary can accept it.

Commissary Deals through 25 August 2010

Aunt Jemima Conffetti Frozen Breakfast Pancakes
$1.50/2 from here
Final Cost - less than $.50

Reddi Whip 6.5 oz or larger

$1/1 from 08/01 SS
Final Cost - less than a $1.00

Wishbone 16oz. Dressings

$.40/1 from military store coupons at front counter
Final Cost - less than a $1.00

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

$.50/1 7/18 SS
Final Cost - less than a $1.00

Chinet White Dinner Plate 20ct
$1/1 from here
Final Cost - less than $.80

Minute Maid Frozen Juice Pops
$.75/1 from 7/18 SS
Final Cost - less than $.80

Dole Fruit Bowls or Gels 4 pack

$1.00/3 from AllYou Magazine 8/2010
Final Cost - less than $3.60 for 3 OR less than a $1.00 a pack

Jimmy Dean Pancake and Sausage Stick/Mini

$1/1 from 8/08 SS
Final Cost - less than $1.00

Totinos Personal Pizza Frozen
$1/5 from here
Final Cost - less than $3.90 for 5 OR less than $.80 a piece

Totinos Pizza Rolls
$.40/1 from here
Final Cost: less than $.60

Lysol Disenfecting Wipes...Citrus, Spring, Dual Action...35ct.
$1/2 from 8/11 RP
Final Cost : Less than $2.00 for 2 OR less than a $1.00 piece

Chef Boyardee Cans

$1.00/5 from 8/15 SS
Final Cost - less than $3.00 for 5 OR less than $.65 a piece

Aqua Fresh Exteme Clean Whitening Toothpaste 5.6oz
$1/1 from here
Final cost - less than $.50


Jose Ole Steak and Cheddar Chimichangas
$1/1 from 8/15 SS
Final Cost - Less than $2

Tyson Chicken Breast Tenders Frozen
$1/1 from 8/15 SS\
Final Cost - less than $2.00

Noxema Face Pump Cream
$.75/1 from 07/14 RP
Final Cost - less than a $1.75

Hamburger Helper Meal in a Box
$.75/3 from 8/08 SS or here
Final Cost - less than $2.00 for three boxes OR less than $.70 a piece

5pk Kraft Mac and Cheese
Coupon on box- peel off
Free Roaring River Capri Sun Pack

Fillipio Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil
$1/1 from here
Final Cost - less than $1.70

Bisquick Smart Heart 40 oz. Pancake Mix
$.50/1 from 8/11 RP
Final cost: less than $1.50 for 40 oz.

Less than $3.00

Aleve 50 ct.
$1/1 from here
Final Cost - less than $2.60

Dove Deodorant Powder fresh or Original
$1/2 from here
Final Cost : less than $2.60 for 2

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