I'm Back.....

Monday, August 2, 2010 •

Hello Everyone!!
So I have to take a moment and apologize. It has been over a month and I haven't attempted the first post. Obviously I have some explaining to do!

1. Educational Restrictions: Greater good and family requirements have put me back into the realm of higher education. Writing requirements consumed most of my waking hours...I know it's a rather a poor excuse!

2. New Layout Design: I was very unhappy with my blog template because it just didn't encompass what I wanted to accomplish. Courtesy of Lindsey Riel, my template is oh so much better!

3. Insane workup schedule : Lastly due to my husbands inconvenient summer schedule,I was constantly behind the wheel trying to catch up. I think that maybe I just had a moment of mental meltdown and needed to kick myself back into super-woman mode.

With all of that being said, again I do apologize, but I am back in full force. With the new site design I will be adding a few new features to liven things up a bit. First of all: Giveaways....Check back tomorrow for the scoop, but I will say that I will be giving away goodies on Monday's, because we all know how blah a Monday can be so I will be trying to spice yours up. Also I will be introducing a picture for the week, details coming soon! Lastly I will be creating a forum that will focus on everything. I will be bringing in guest bloggers and welcoming all responses within reason:)

Well thanks for listening to my rant, and I look forward to bring you all of the savings I can find!!

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