Con Agra Back To School Offer

Monday, August 2, 2010 •

Right now Con Agra is offering up another one of their great coupon/rebate offers. All you need to do is purchase $10 in specific Con Agra products and they will send you $25 in coupons good towards their products. I always love their coupons because you can score some great deals with them, especially at the Commissary! If you follow the link here you can print off the coupon rebate form with all the details. Just remember that the products need to be purchased between 07/07/2010 and 10/31/2010. One of the great things about these coupon/rebate offers is that the coupons are usually good for about three months out.

I really like enjoy some of Con Agra Foods products. With that being said, my kiddos love, and I mean love all of their products. So whenever Con Agra Foods offers up coupons or rebates I jump on them. The best part about Con Agra Foods is that they are affordable, especially for families on a budget. Their coupons make the products an even better deal.

Con Agra Brands to Purchase:
Orville Redenbacher's®

Crunch 'n Munch®


Snack Pack®




Chef Boyardee®

Kid Cuisine®

Peter Pan®

Slim Jim®

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